Writers’ Residencies and Workshops

Are you a Traveller with a Tale?

Writers’ Residencies and Workshops

Do you have ideas or learning that you have intended to share but have yet to do so? Enjoy writing but never seem to find the time? Think you have something to say but are intimidated by the process of putting it into the media stream? Have a draft of a piece that needs work, or a well-crafted piece for final review?

We offer laboratories for NTL colleagues and associates who want to complete or make progress with a written work – an article, book, blog etc. We provide a relaxed balance of idea-and-theme development; alone-time for writing; feedback and coaching in a supportive atmosphere; and advice about where and how to publish.

You will develop an appreciation of your own writing process, and also learn from others about theirs. Be ready to explore a variety of genres to help bring your written work to life. Many of us are already familiar with an academic writing style for the work we do. Imagine writing something that is autobiographical like a work memoir, an autoethnography, a piece of scholarly personal narrative or something metaphorical like autobiographical fiction or even a longish prose poem. Our programmes offer both traditional and non-traditional ways to write about ideas, experiences and learning.

We are all empowered in our craft by the lessons learned and published by those who have gone before us. In order to make our greatest contribution as OD practitioners, therefore, we need to codify our experiences - for others, of course, but also for ourselves for, in doing so, we consciously reflect on our work, revise our theory of practice, devise new experiments that we can then enact, and so engage in a continuous process of learning

This is the time to ‘get it done’ finally, or to get sufficiently far that completion is in view, and so contribute to the body of written work that is the literature of our craft!

The Faculty Team

  • Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams, MA-TLA is a writer, teaching-artist, and a proven organisational change strategist for national and global businesses.
  • Kate Cowie, author of Finding Merlin: a handbook for the human development journey in our new organisational world (2012) and Editor of NTL’s practitioners’ journal, Practising Social Change.
  • Dr Ted Tschudy, a student, scholar, teacher and practitioner of Organisation Development who wishes he had written even more over the course of his 40 year career.
  • Dr David Kiel who writes about how OD methods can support improvements in community development, education, environment, government, health care and in developing human potential.

Interested? Please contact editor@psc.org for 2018 programme dates and venues.

More information:

The 2017 NTL Writers’ Residency in Provence, France: a case study in emergence