INTEGRATIVE LEADERSHIP: Innovating from ‘The Middle Space (TMS)’

When the times seem most uncertain and the path to the future unknown, individuals are in need of inspiration. Lacking it, they find themselves living in the space between the known and unknown - what the ancient Greeks called a place of chaos, disorder and uncertainty. Paradoxically, inspiration and innovation also emerge from this middle space, through a process of reflective and integrative thought, where the relationship between the Self within, and others without, takes form, is affirmed, and aligned (Siegel, 2010). At such times, however, our sense of connection may be frayed or lost, whereupon our existing leadership stance, value proposition and orientation to the world must be rethought. A new, integrative leadership stance then emerges to offer the inspiration we need (the word ‘inspire’ means to breathe life, new meaning and direction into our lives, families, and communities). Described here, it represents an emergent value proposition for our times, offering a concept,  principles and tools to guide ‘how’ we can foster sustainable lives and social enterprises that balance the interests of people, planet, and performance. It does so by embracing an ethic of inclusive engagement, imagination, innovation, and shared accountability. It creates the individual and collective consciousness and will for transformative change (Narvarez, 2008 and Goleman, 2009).

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