Terrance H. Seamon

Terrence Seamon brings more than 30 years of extensive business experience in management training and organization development consulting. As Principal and Senior Consultant with Facilitation Solutions, his main practice areas are leadership development, executive coaching, and facilitation.

Prior to Facilitation Solutions, Terrence was the Portfolio Manager for Management & Leadership Development programs at the American Management Association. While working at AMA, his seminars included employee engagement, coaching, and virtual teams. Previous to the AMA, he held various internal consulting roles in Training & Organization Development in the energy, pharma-chem, and telecom industries.

Terrence writes frequently about topics such as change, organizations, engagement, and leadership. He contributed to the chapter on internal OD in the second edition of Practicing Organization Development, edited by Rothwell and Sullivan (2005). He is the author of three self-published books: To Your Success, Lead the Way, and Change for the Better. His blog, Here We Are. Now What?, has been going since 2004.

email: thseamon@yahoo.com