Ted Tschudy

Ted Tschudy is an organisation consultant, trainer and educator with over 30 years of experience in organisation development, change management, leadership development, and human relations. He currently maintains his own consulting practice to corporate, government, and non-profit organisations. Earlier in his career, Ted served for 10 years as an internal organisation development consultant and manager. Ted is an affiliate of the International Centre for Applied Studies in Information Technology at George Mason University. He is also a member of the NTL Institute.

Ted has served on the faculty of The American University School of Public Affairs where he taught organisational behaviour courses in team development, leadership, managerial behaviour, consulting skills, and organisation theory. While at American University, Ted directed a master's degree program in Human Resources for corporate employees in northern Virginia. Ted is currently a member of the adjunct faculty for the AU/NTL Masters Program in Organisation Development, a graduate program conducted by The American University and the NTL Institute that educates mid-career managers and human resource professionals in human systems development.

Email: ttschudy@practitioner.net