Julian Walker

Julian is a writer and facilitator, since January 2020 an associate of the equality and human rights charity, brap https://www.brap.org.uk/ based in Birmingham UK. She took her first T-Group in 2010 and wanted to learn how to deliver that experience to others, gaining NTL membership in 2018, and completing her HI Lab apprenticeship in 2019.

She has worked as a civil servant including stints as departmental speechwriter to Home Secretaries Michael Howard and Jack Straw, and as an independent governance consultant in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Turkey, Tunisia and Uganda. As Director of Policy and Research for Barnardo’s UK from 2006-2010, she worked on a programme to promote race equality and diversity, starting her journey to explore her white identity. Julian Walker: Recovery, Identity and Use-of-Self: A Personal Journey

email: julian.walker307@gmail.com