David Kiel

David Kiel is the Leadership Coordinator for the Center for Faculty Excellence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel, where he works to create opportunities for faculty leadership development across the campus. A member of NTL since 1998, David became steward of the NTL Research Community of Practice this year. The main goal of the Community of Practice is to encourage practitioners to do more to reflect on their work and generate useful applied behavioral science knowledge about individual, group, organizational and social development for use by scholars and practitioners alike. Those wanting to become involved in this effort should contact David at dkiel@ntl.org, or kiel@unc.edu.

David studied organizational behavior at Yale University and received his doctorate from the UNC School of Public Health in 1974. He has taught organizational theory, design, and management courses at the graduate level at three public universities and has published articles and book chapters on a variety of organizational topics. An organizational consultant in private practice from 1985-2010, he developed long-term consulting relationships with organizations involved in community and economic development, legal systems change, environmental policy, and educational reform.