James B. Smith

He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, a master’s in public administration, and is currently writing a doctoral dissertation in public policy administration at Walden University. Smith has also 10 years teaching experience as an Adjunct Faculty member in the fields of social science and applied psychology.

His career began at in higher education, where he introduced unprecedented development concepts that yielded in attracting and retaining high-achieving, low-income, first-generation students to gain admission to graduate school. He also worked as the President and CEO a non-profit organization that worked with low-income families—moving the families out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Smith has a tremendous passion for business and administrative functions of non-profit organizations. His keen analytical and administrative acumen distinguish him as a proven executive. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to revise systems to increase efficiency and program effectiveness.

For twenty-five years, James B. Smith has demonstrated progressive, successful leadership and program development of non-profit organizations and private-public partnerships.